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Mega Man Neo

Commission: Eden by SaitoKun-EXE Commission: Eden :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 66 53 CM 18 - Metalsonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 18 - Metalsonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 12 8 CM 17 - Metalsonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 17 - Metalsonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 18 9 Teiran by Linyuenj by MetalSonic30 Teiran by Linyuenj :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 29 46 Neiva - ROCK ON by Linyuenj by MetalSonic30 Neiva - ROCK ON by Linyuenj :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 22 10 Blushy meeting - Commission by OverlordYukihana Blushy meeting - Commission :iconoverlordyukihana:OverlordYukihana 23 4 CM 16 - Metalsonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 16 - Metalsonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 10 4 Commission: Taranis by SaitoKun-EXE Commission: Taranis :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 90 42 [AT]Shade by linyuenj [AT]Shade :iconlinyuenj:linyuenj 28 8 CM 15 - Metalsonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 15 - Metalsonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 17 7 Commission: Mega Man Neo Legacy Version by SaitoKun-EXE Commission: Mega Man Neo Legacy Version :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 138 40 -Comm- Saya and Shade by Death--EXE -Comm- Saya and Shade :icondeath--exe:Death--EXE 30 16 CM 14 - MetalSonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 14 - MetalSonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 19 3 CM 13 - MetalSonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 13 - MetalSonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 16 19 [request]Megaman Neo and Shade by linyuenj [request]Megaman Neo and Shade :iconlinyuenj:linyuenj 23 5 CM 12 - Metalsonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission CM 12 - Metalsonic30 :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 26 15
Artwork from/for my Mega Man Neo fan-fiction~! :D

Newest Deviations

Mega Man Neo (Database) - Eden

"Idealists who want to reset the world have no faith in the people. If the world must start over, then I want it to be done in a peaceful manner. I detest this senseless violence that has plagued the world for centuries... I fear that I won't get my wish so easily... If at all..."
Name: Eden Haruko
Birthdate: April 21
Age: 24 (Physically)
Gender: Female
Race: Humanoid
Height: 5'8" / 173 cm
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Good Point(s): Determined, Intelligent, Clever & Crafty
Bad Point(s): Fragile and weak-willed (at times), Shy, Secretive
Likes: Hedgehogs, Dark Techno, Soft Piano pieces, Neiva
Dislikes: Wraith (mostly), Slaughter, Mice/Rats, Being In Debt, The Man who left her
Eden is a young woman who once was an adviser of the Sage Trinity alongside Wraith (who at the time was using his fak
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 8 19
MMN One-Shot: A Cold Valentine
Note: This isn't canon.
Also, Happy Valentine's Day~ Enjoy~!

Valentine's Day; a holiday that has managed to survive throughout the centuries...Or rather, the holiday has resurfaced since the countless wars. Nonetheless, today was that day, and the people were celebrating it. Whether people were with their loved ones or eating love-filled candy, the day was enjoyed by many.
Especially by one particular Celestial Master...
Neiva skipped around the steel floors happily, humming to herself as invisible hearts floated above her head.
Meanwhile, her brothers, Ignitus and Taranis, stood in front of their many large computers. On the screen was photos of their enemy, Mega Man Neo; taken via their Gli-Eyes. Taranis growled at one of the images which shown Mega Man Neo cockily grinning at the camera. It appears he's aware of the Gli-Eyes' camera systems.
"Arrogant fool..." Taranis muttered under his breath.
Ignitus, although just as annoyed as his brother, just had to give him a smug loo
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 7 1
Rokku and Shade (Marvel vs. Capcom 2....?) by MetalSonic30 Rokku and Shade (Marvel vs. Capcom 2....?) :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 7 4
Mega Man Neo (Database) - Taranis

"Your foolery is contagious in the presence of someone as perfect as me! If you value your life, then get lost you whelp!"
Name: Taranis
Birthdate: Currently Unknown
Age: ??? (looks 15)
Gender: Male
Race: Currently Unknown
Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight: 214 lbs (97 kg)
    - 254 lbs (115 kg) when Discharge Buster is equipped (Buster weighs 50 lbs)
Good Point(s): Intelligent, Strategist, Cunning, Expert at Flying
Bad Point(s): Incredibly Arrogant, Rude, Undermines others, Sore Loser, Snarky
Likes: Wraith, Transforming Giant Mechs, Hearing himself talk
Dislikes: Ignorant People, Miscalculations, Losing, Mega Man Neo, Shade, Eden (Wraith's Assistant)
Taranis is a member of the Celestial Masters, a group of rivals/"antagonists" who's goal is to challenge Mega Man Neo and poss
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 7 11
Rokku and Shade (Marvel vs. Capcom....?) by MetalSonic30 Rokku and Shade (Marvel vs. Capcom....?) :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 15 30 Neiva - ROCK ON by Linyuenj by MetalSonic30 Neiva - ROCK ON by Linyuenj :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 22 10 Teiran by Linyuenj by MetalSonic30 Teiran by Linyuenj :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 29 46 Mega Man Neo ''Hyper Armor'' - Character Art by MetalSonic30 Mega Man Neo ''Hyper Armor'' - Character Art :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 11 0 Genesis - Hyper Neo and Eden [READ DESC] by MetalSonic30 Genesis - Hyper Neo and Eden [READ DESC] :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 13 5 Bass Kai (V3) - Character Art by MetalSonic30 Bass Kai (V3) - Character Art :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 3 0 Avid Megastar / Eclipse by MetalSonic30 Avid Megastar / Eclipse :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 22 15
ZX One-Shot: Voluptuous
Quincy flopped on her living room couch, her arms spread across the furniture. A relaxed smile formed on her face as she fixed her hat into place and closes her eyes.
"Finally... I get some time off~" She sighed happily.
Lately, her hunter jobs have been pretty hectic and tiring for the silver-haired girl. She doesn't particularly wish that she had a Biometal due to the burden she'd have to go through, but she sometimes wishes some load was taken off her. She believes that Rokku; or more accurately, Mega Man Neo; would have a MUCH easier time than she would.
"I get to just lay back and worry about nothing...." She said. "...No job, no surprises, nothing..."
Just as Quincy finishes that sentence, she hears the sound of someone knocking on the door. She opens one of her eyes, peeking towards the direction of the door. She would be the one to answer it if her "super-butler", Jonathan, wasn't already doing so. She left her eye open to watch her butler go
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 5 20
Mega Man Neo and Shade vs: Street Fighter x Tekken
Note: This is just something I decided to do for fun. lol
Mega Man Neo and Shade (albeit non-canonically) are practically dimension travelers, so what about a time where they are transported to an already converged world?!
This is Mega Man Neo and his trusty partner Shade going into Street Fighter x Tekken!

Street Fighter x Tekken!
Character Select
Mega Man Neo!
"Come and get me!"
"Do not disappoint me."
General Maxwell Payne, the leader of the Milos Defense Force, has learned of a meteor that houses a mysterious object known as "Pandora's Box". It's crash-site: Antarctica. The commander does not wish to send in his soldiers towards an object with immense power, fearing that they were not capable of something like this. Therefore, he requests that the kunoichi woman identifying herself as 'Shade' goes in their place and even offers to assist her via comm link.
"Thank you kindly for your offer, General. However, I think we bo
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 2 0
[AT]V-Chan~ by MetalSonic30 [AT]V-Chan~ :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 6 5
Mega Man Neo (Database) - Wraith

"To return this world back to it's original state, sacrifices must be made. The idea that sacrifices are unnecessary is simply childish. Do not worry though. The eventual sacrifices will not be for nothing. They'll find bliss in the afterlife."
Name: Wraith (True name, unknown)
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Appears to be in early 20s)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10" (179 cm)
Weight: 184 lbs (83 kg)
Good Point(s): Intelligent, Level-Headed, Civil, Keen, Incredibly Patient, Unpredictable
Bad Point(s): Very arrogant, psychotic at times, Evil, Obsession with Godhood
Likes: His children (Celestial Masters), Eden, his creations
Dislikes: Reploids, misfires, traitors, Legion, Magne
Wraith used to be a member of Legion under one of his many false identities. He worked with Eden, also a e
:iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 6 0
Shade-san~ by MetalSonic30 Shade-san~ :iconmetalsonic30:MetalSonic30 7 24


Megaman X Command Mission - Bosses 4/8 by BuraiLaplayce Megaman X Command Mission - Bosses 4/8 :iconburailaplayce:BuraiLaplayce 5 4 Link by YukiNitta Link :iconyukinitta:YukiNitta 6 0 Sonic the Hedgehog Wallpaper by Serkel Sonic the Hedgehog Wallpaper :iconserkel:Serkel 3 0 When I talk in my sleep_2018.03.18 by linyuenj When I talk in my sleep_2018.03.18 :iconlinyuenj:linyuenj 6 2 Commission_2018.3.18 by linyuenj Commission_2018.3.18 :iconlinyuenj:linyuenj 13 11 Weekend MS Paint: Alia by SaitoKun-EXE Weekend MS Paint: Alia :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 125 35 Glynda Goodwitch by BlackHeart105 Glynda Goodwitch :iconblackheart105:BlackHeart105 12 1 Commission: Mutou Concept Art by SaitoKun-EXE Commission: Mutou Concept Art :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 27 28 Commission: Vauxen by innovator123 Commission: Vauxen :iconinnovator123:innovator123 56 5 The shatterer by InsertSomthinAwesome The shatterer :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 445 38 Couch Chaos by InsertSomthinAwesome Couch Chaos :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 623 144 My Reaction to Super Mario Odyssey by BJSinc My Reaction to Super Mario Odyssey :iconbjsinc:BJSinc 1,053 117 Ram by Iffer-Piffer Ram :iconiffer-piffer:Iffer-Piffer 30 0 ATHENA ASAMIYA by zipskyblue ATHENA ASAMIYA :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 104 10 Gunner Vert by sendrawz Gunner Vert :iconsendrawz:sendrawz 195 8 CAVE IN BED [COMMISSION] by Airisubaka
Mature content
CAVE IN BED [COMMISSION] :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 55 6

Welcome to my DeviantART Page!

Artwork above drawn by KamiraExp-Commission!
Heeeey!! Welcome to my page! Glad you can stop on by~!

Here, I'm currently writing a Mega Man fan-fic titled Mega Man Neo! It's a ZX fan-fic starring human Rokku Akihiro and his new partner, the original Mega Man! Together, they fight against a new arriving threat for the sake of the citizens of Earth's freedom!

I also draw to the best of my ability and I also work with Game Maker: Studio to work with games!

I hope my content interests you! :)

Favorite Celestial Master? 

7 deviants said Commission: Neiva by SaitoKun-EXE/ Neiva - ROCK ON by Linyuenj by MetalSonic30
4 deviants said Commission: Taranis by SaitoKun-EXE
2 deviants said Commission: Ignitus by SaitoKun-EXE


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Caution: I'm going to be as nice as possible in this opinion. If you take this as negative, then that would be your problem than mine.

I'm just going to get this out there: I REALLY don't want the Freedom Fighters in the IDW Sonic series. People just really want them in the new comic books and I'm like "No".

Look, do not misunderstand me. I like the Freedom Fighters. I grew up with SatAM thanks to my Cousin (I even OWN the SatAM Complete Series right next to me! Also thanks to my cousin). I also grew up reading random selections of the Archie Sonic comics (Yeaaaah, I haven't read EVERY single Issue, but I've read a lot). So do not read this opinion of mine as "Anti-Freedom-Fighters", because it isn't. Seriously, I spoke this same opinion on a youtube video about it and I already someone misread it as hate for the FF. T_T It annoys me when people do not read carefully.

However, Sally and co. have been in the Archie comics for over 20 years now. I think it's time they rest and let a New Generation appear in the comics; characters like Tangle the Lemur (who looks pretty cool~). Archie created some cool comic-exclusive characters, why not IDW?

With that said, these petitions for the Freedom Fighters to come back are rather desperate, I have to say. Freedom Fighters don't have to be EVERYWHERE. I mean, honestly. It's actually getting a little annoying, sorry. It's like some people can't live without the Freedom Fighters appearing in a new comic publisher.

I'm a HUUUGE fan of Sonic (always have been; and he's my #1 Favorite Video Game Character (yes, even above Mega Man)) and I want to read a new era of Sonic comics that's going in a new direction. The Freedom Fighters need to rest. Let them be. They've had their time (over 20 years, TV Show + Comics). As the great Ian Flynn said, "This is a new Sonic book. It’s a new direction, new publisher, new, new, new, new, new, new, new."

If, by chance, they DO show up, then fine. It ain't gonna stop me from reading the comics, but I'll be just a tad disappointed that they are a thing again; just a tad.

Got anything to say regarding my opinion? If you are a HUGE fan of the Freedom Fighters, do not attack me because I don't deserve it. As stated previously, I like them but I do not want them to be in IDW Comics. If you do have opinions, keep them.... Uh, civil. I'm not going to have some arguments for an opinion and if you are thriving for one, then go elsewhere.


Sonic Mania Plus!
"R"... I don't know what it is, but that "Top Secret Video" had a car in it so... Perhaps it's another racing game? It's apparently not a sequel to any existing Sonic game, so we'll see~
New Avatar~
Funny story: I was looking on Google Images on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition when suddenly I found this cool piece of art!
CuBcjPDUkAAcbcM by MetalSonic30What if in Operation Shooting Star, Geo/Mega Man traveled to back in time to the events of MMBN6?! XD It looks so freaking awesome it makes me wish it was a thing!

Artwork by N.ジェフティ (N_JEEHTY)~!
Street Fighter ZX
ZX Characters cosplay as Street Fighter characters (I blame :iconsaitokun-exe: for inspiring me to do this lol). Before I begin let me get this out here:

Final Fight and Rival Schools are considered "cousins" of the Street Fighter series as they take place in the same universe. (That's why the likes of Cody and Guy are playable in the SF games and why Hinata from Rival Schools is in the background of the Kanzuki Beach stage in Street Fighter V lol Also, Sakura was playable in Rival Schools too.). Therefore, I maaaay include Final Fight and/or Rival Schools characters.

Vent = Ken
Aile = Sakura (thanks Saito XD)
Giro = Gouken (lol)
Prairie = Eliza Masters (b/c VentxPrairie)

Rokku = Cody (thanks poll)
Shade = Guy or Ibuki (leaning on Guy since Rokku's Cody)
Mega Man = Ryu
Nero = Daigo Kazama
Bass = Akuma (b/c RyuxAkuma)
Saya Takeda = Karin Kanzuki (duh lol)
Quincy = Cammy (fitting, right Saito? lol)
General Payne = Mike Haggar (XD)

Neiva = Hinata Wakaba
Ignitus = Batsu Ichimonji
Taranis = Eiji Yamada (just to tick him off, lol)

Wraith = Gill (...he's going to wear nothing but a thong, isn't he?)
Eden = Kolin
Teiran = Juli/Juni
Spectra = Zaki (from Project Justice*) or Juri Han
* Project Justice is the sequel of Rival Schools

Serpent = M. Bison (You know why XD)
Prometheus = Uhh... Remy or Kairi (from Street Fighter EX series)? XD
Pandora = Either Rose or Hokuto (from Street Fighter EX series)

Grey = Urien (b/c why not lol)
Ashe = Natsu Ayuhara

Atlas = Balrog
Aeolus = Vega
Thetis = Dan (b/c why not lol)
Siarnaq = Zeku (Young Form from SFV) or Geki

Master Albert = Seth (I was thinking Gill, but he's taken)

I got bored on a Sunday, so sue me. lol
So, for awhile, I've been thinking about how Vent and Aile are going to work when I get to them after MMN. I talked with the likes of UltimateMaverickX to hear input about the idea of having the both of them coexist.

Originally, I had Vent and Aile both me Chosen Ones for Model X. That still applies. However, I also originally had them BOTH be Model ZX at the same time. That will still apply, but there will be some major changes to that idea. I won't explain EVERYTHING as I want the "big reveals" to happen in the first chapter of the eventual first arc of my ZX AU.

- Vent will be able to use Model Z (Yes, I know, Giro is the true Biomatch for it, but I have an explanation)
- Aile will use Model X (according to the artwork, Aile has always been the one to use the ZX-Buster while Vent has been the one to use the ZX-Saber. I guess the Girls Shoot, Guys Smash trope applies here, lol)
- Both can use the Double Megamerge at the same time, but because they are both Model ZX at the same time, their power is split in half and it puts a MAJOR strain on their bodies. Therefore, only one will be able to use the Model ZX form and they will only resort to both using the form in drastic situations.

Because Aile will predominantly use Model X, she will be the "true protagonist" in the ZX series. That doesn't mean Vent will be pushed away. There will be times where Vent will take the lead and times where Aile will take the lead. But when the adaptation of ZX Advent comes, Aile will kinda take center stage and that means Grey will have be the true protagonist of the adaptation (besides, Grey had more of an impact of the ZXA story than Ashe did). Same with Vent, Ashe will not be pushed away; definitely not.

There, hope that clears things up a little. It'll be far more established once things get into full swing in the future. :nod:
Chapter 3 Remastered is complete. Mission accomplished~!
After I complete Chapter 4, I'm going to work on a Mega Man Neo One-Shot starring Shade....and it's actually going to be Canonical to the plot! XD It's not going to be super long. I'd say it'd be the length of the 2018 Valentine's Day One-Shot I did a few days ago. Sounds about right. :nod:

I'm doing this because:
1: To get it out of the way
2: Because I'm not exactly looking forward to working on Chapters 5 and 6 after Chapter 4. ^_^; Those Chapters are going to be tedious as heck!

Stay tuned~!


MetalSonic30's Profile Picture
Alex McNeill
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
(Profile Image above by :iconsaitokun-exe:!)

Just a high school teenager who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, playing video games, writing stories and experimenting with Game Maker: Studio. I aim to make some pretty cool games with the use of Game Maker: Studio! I also aim to draw like my favorite artists here on DA including UltimateMaverickX and Tomycase!

I like Sonic, Mega Man, RWBY, Metal Slug, Contra, DBZ, Sly Cooper, all that!

As of recent, I've become a Hyperdimension Neptunia fan and my favorite characters are Noire and Uzume (and Kurome)!




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